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Fri, Aug. 28th, 2009, 06:28 pm
texasangel01: I can't believe this site gets no attention...

The Moonlit Road is a website which is hosted by a group of volunteers that bring you free, high quality stories that are adapted from old southern folktales or written by very talented people. A recent feature is that you can post comments on the stories. The stories are meant for all ages but teens and adults may understand more of what's going on.

What really bugs me is that they take MONTHS or even a few years to come up with new stories. They have
audio stories also and you can save them to your My Yahoo!/iGoogle page :)

My favorite audio story that I've heard so far is "Sleepyhead". It's possibly the only story that MADE me want to go to bed!
What I'm thinking of is that if more people know about this site then they will post more stories more often!!!

Night has fallen and the moon is a glowing golden orb in the black sky.
See how it shines on the dark backroads of America
And on one road in particular.
Come with us and we'll take a walk down the moonlit road.
Where the night is waiting and the moon...is full

- audio story introduction

Mon, Aug. 17th, 2009, 05:06 pm
lifendeathsalem: 2 Days Left. Tickets Going Fast!!

We also have SPECIAL PRICING for PARANORMAL GROUPS. Contact via email for details

Richard Felix, of "Most Haunted"

Join Life & Death in Salem for a one time only Ghost Tour & Presentation

Tue, Jun. 9th, 2009, 06:20 pm
boju: Monster Mondays - Celtic Halloween Spirits

Earlier I wrote on Celtic origins of Halloween and the important changes that took place with the Holiday in America. Today for Monster Mondays I'm going to look at the early Monsters of Celtic Halloween. The traditional holiday bears little resemblance to the Halloween we know now. It was not a celebration of death, horror, and thrills, but a harvest festival and new years eve celebration. The most important practices involved fortune telling, making predictions for the coming year, and it was believed that on this day ordinary rules did not apply, and souls, spirits, and fairies could be present on earth. Most descriptions of what souls,spirits, and fairies visit earth are rather vague, but a few specific supernatural creatures are named. As is usually the case, the first at the party are the first to go, and I don't think I've ever seen any of the Celtic Halloween monsters doing the Monster Mash or out trick-or-treating.

Cailleach Bheur -Also known as Cally Berry (no relation to Hallie Berry), Old Woman Winter, The Blue Hag, The Storm Hag, and The Veiled One. In all respects, the Cailleach is a god and not a monster. She is the embodiment of winter reborn every Samhain/Halloween and turned to stone, or to a tree, or to a young woman every Beltane. Her staff can freeze anything with a touch and she is the gaurdian of the animals. Some say she carvedthe Mountains of Scotland with a hammer and pick. She once fell asleep while pumping a well, flooding the valley and killing hundreds. That valley is now Loch Awe.

Aillen Trechenn, The Three Headed Monster.

More after the jump,including this sexy witch

Sun, Feb. 1st, 2009, 02:33 pm
ex_gipsy458: I hope this is allowed

For all your spooky needs, add m_society to your friends list.
Syndicated from http://msociety.wordpress.com/

Tue, Dec. 30th, 2008, 12:13 am
bellhopper21: Christmas Spirit my ass.


So its the day before Christmas eve and like every year we're in some God forsaken hurry to get shit wrapped at the last minute. At something to two I'm about to go to bed when I my mom tells me to wrap something for her. Huffing and puffing I do as told, taking the tape and paper and all that jazz back downstairs to the dinning room. I'm wrapping the present when I notice something in the reflection of the China cabinet adjacent to me. Whatever it is, is small and just standing or sitting there. Me being the practical person I am decide that its my little Pomeranian on his hind legs. When I turn to see what he wants.................


So i search for my dog determined to prove to myself that the eggnog got to me and I'm hallucinating. I can hear him whimpering so I think I must have left him outside. I think I see him running toward me. My back yard is huge and its dark so I just wait til he gets there. I hear something bark from behind me so I turn and my dog is right there in the kitchen starring at me. I look back outside and whatever the hell is running toward the door...IS STILL RUNNING TOWARD THE DOOR.

I slam the damn door, bolt the thing and book the hell upstairs. My mother was already asleep so I didn't even have to make an excuse of why I didnt wrap the present.

What I ask you people, is What ever happened to the Christmas Spirit? Shouldn't paranormal crap take a break around the holidays? That experiece completely ruined my whole holiday mood and I have had nightmares since.

I need therapy.
- Belleh,

Tue, Dec. 2nd, 2008, 10:55 pm
ashleighzombie: can you help?

Searching for an old scary record.. ....
In the mid eighties, I was in kindergarten. The building was old, and the classroom, even with all of the lights on, was still dim. When it was nap-time at the end of the day, the lights would go out, but before they did, the classroom would vote on which record to listen to as we laid there. The only record I ever remember listening to had a black woman on the cover. She was a story teller.

Somewhere within these blogs, a couple years ago, someone posted that they were trying to find out more information about this record. I'm sure we are blogging about the same one. The first story had something to do with a little girl named Susan (thank you for jogging my memory, anonymous) and she was trying to get to bed one night when she heard, from the ground level of her house.. :whispering voice: Ssuuuuuuuuuussssaaaan.. I'm on the fiiiiiiiiiirrrrrsssssttt.. ssteeeeeppp!!! The storyteller would go back and forth talking about how scared Susan was lying in her bed, listening to this, and then, whisper again.. Suuuuuusssaaann.. I'm on the second.. ... sttteeeeeeeeppp!! .. And so on and so on. Susan eventually tries to call out for her mommy and daddy, but has lost her voice. Storyteller whispers, "Mommy, daddy! Mommy, daddy! Mommy, daddy!" very quickly. At the end of the story, we realize this was just a game Susan played with herself to help her get to sleep.

Despite the "happy" ending, the story still leaves you with a creepy feeling. Whenever the storyteller whispered whatever number stair the voice was on, this.. .. weird sound would accompany the number and drift off as she said stteeeeeeeeepppp. Sounded like a moaning ghost, or a dying cow, or something.

I would LOVE IT.. if someone out there could help me find this record. I can't find anything about it on the internet. On the cover, it looks as if the storyteller is on stage. Did she have a microphone? I can't remember. Maybe.

Other stories include a story told about Dead Man's Curve, could've been a variation of the infamous "vanishing hitchhiker" story. And, another story involving a headless ghost holding a candle, showing someone the way to something? Yes, we listened to the record in KINDERGARTEN!! I'd probably flip my car if I found out my son's kindergarten teacher was playing this for he and his classmates.. but then, maybe I wouldn't.

I've posted this elsewhere and was told that the stories seem like they are from the "Really Scary Stories" books, but I have not ever heard of them, either. I'm specifically looking for the record, but any story titles could tremendously help me out! Thanks!


The story was "Taily-Po" read by Jackie Torrence :)

Sun, Nov. 30th, 2008, 12:35 pm
saffronsin: (no subject)

Sat, Nov. 15th, 2008, 11:47 am
emotion_monger: New Homespun Horror Community

Homespun Horror and Freehand Flicks is a new community created as an outlet for amateur filmakers.  I've noticed all websites/forums seem to focus on "real" movies or at least small independent films, I could never find an outlet for the little guy, who's just doing it for fun, to share their work with other people, tips, and anything else.  It's brand new so we're trying to find like minds who may have movies to contribute or just anyone who would like to be an audience.  Please join and/or add us on MySpace so we can build up nice and strong!

livejournal:  http://community.livejournal.com/homespun_horror/

myspace: www.myspace.com/homespunhorror

We only started yesterday and have one movie up with more in queue, please pass us onto anyone you think may enjoy watching or contribute!

Wed, Nov. 12th, 2008, 06:56 pm
bellhopper21: A game in the dark.

My mother and I have always played a game. She would cut off all the lights and pull a chair to face the doorway. I would sit in the chair and she would stand behind me.Then after a moment (I never knew how long exactly, it always changed) she would lean down and whisper "You don't see him?"

When I was younger I would jump and cry out sometimes near tears and look around to see a teasing smile on her face, and she would laugh. As I became a teenager that her smile looked strained and more and more often I saw a flicker of genuine fear. The last time we played she pulled up a chair beside me and held my hand. It was night and all the lights were off. After what had to have been fifteen minutes she finally went to ask me but our dogs started howling and barking like crazy. My mother jumped so hard that she knocked the chair back a good three feet. She tried to laugh it off but she cut on the lights and quickly left Sidestepping out the doorway. I sat there for half an hour before I could move and even then I sidestepped too.

We haven't played since.

Mon, Nov. 10th, 2008, 05:33 pm
bellhopper21: (no subject)

I know people often say they've ghosts and ghouls, but I don't boast anything than witnessing some paranormal.

Anyway. I was taking a shower, like I do everyday, and I remember my mom being in her room down the hall. She was laughing at some random T.V show, and I could actually hear her and the T.V. My home is old so if you are showering you cant use water in any other part of the home, lest you risk burning or freezing whoever is showering. Well I was lathering when I saw a shadow pass in front of the shower doors. I thought it was my mom, so yelled out "Mom! Don't use the water!" Well the water turned freezing and I saw the shadown hurry back across the doors. Thinking it had to be my brother I poked my head out to yell but...no one was there. I yelled for my mom to come to me and when she did I asked her where my brother was.

"He's in the after school program, you know that." was her reply. I asked her if she came into the bathroom just now and she just said no. But now that I think about it, there is no way because I heard her laughing.

To this day I wonder what the hell or who the hell came into the bathroom and froze the shit out of me. O.o
I frequently have unexplainable situations and stories. My friends always tell me I should write a book, but for now, I'll just post them here from time to time. Please tell me what you think people.


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